Anyone using services provided by The Merch Emporium agree that;

Orders will not be processed if they contain an image that is; Illegal in any way, graphically pornographic or obscene, discriminatory against any minority groups, racist, sexist, politically affiliated, incites violence, contains hate speech, or any other imagery that The Merch Emporium deems is inappropriate and/or offensive. Any such order will be terminated, and a full refund issued. 

You own the rights for, or have been granted permission by the owner of the image, for every image (and the imagery within it), that is uploaded for each order. The Merch Emporium will not be held liable by any party if you upload an image that contains any imagery that you do not have that right to use and are subsequently prosecuted by any party. The Merch Emporium reserves the right to ask for proof of affiliation to any imagery, and is not liable for any delay in delivering the order during this process.

The Merch Emporium reserves the right to not accept an order for any reason, in which case a full refund will be issued.